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The undergraduate program of Architecture is four-year and admits students with Math-Science-4 exam score. It has a four-year training period, consisting of eight semesters based on the system of passing the courses. The department requires a high level of basic mathematics, geometry and an interest in visual arts and philosophy. The program offers in-depth information in four main fields, i.e. architectural design and construction knowledge, history of architecture, control of physical environment and construction technologies, project and production management. The student’s production and presentation of projects of different scales and functions with their experience and information at workshops and laboratories every semester constitutes the part of the undergraduate education concerning the vocational practice, in which the student is active. The undergraduate program of architecture gives technical education on the design of any sort of construction, fittings of venues, production of the objects likely to be needed by the users, planning and coordination of the construction process. In this program, the students are taught to run after personal development based on art and culture lifelong and, in this way, to solve the professional problems they face.

The construction sector is the locomotive sector of a country’s economy together with the sub-sectors related to it. Architects can find employment in the choice of locations for property outfits and the conduct of the feasibility work; in the stages of any sort of design, cost management and production in a wide area from urban scale to industrial production scale; in the coordination of all the disciplines till the usage process of the design product; in the contract works; in the area control and consultancy services; in the sales and marketing of the construction materials; in field of education as an academician; in the branches of architecture and art; and in publishing sector and organizations. They can also work at the Ministries of Culture and Tourism, Environment and Urban Planning, Development and Public Works as well as municipalities. Freelance work is also largely preferred by the graduates of our department. With the increased importance of the urban transformation projects in recent years, there have appeared new working fields with high potentials for the architects.
The syllabus of the Department of Architecture consists of the courses that contain information and skills available to every level of the working life. Basic Design, Computer-Assisted Design, Construction Knowledge, Architecture Technology, Architectural Design, Construction Material, Architectural Project, Building Survey, Protective Restoration, Architectural Law and Project of Architectural Practice are some of the courses. Besides, there are several optional courses covering specific subjects.
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