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Industrial Engineering

The Department of Industrial Engineering is a discipline of engineering responsible for the design, production and development every kind of service systems and manufacturing, defined as production in general. The undergraduate program of Industrial Engineering covers a four-year education, based on the system of passing the course in eight semesters. The courses and their contents are continually updated with consideration paid to the technological developments.

Industrial engineers can find a job in every field with manufacturing and/or service production in public or private sector. As Industry Engineering seeks to be successful with limited sources, it has grown more important in recent years. Industrial engineers are preferred by the firms in the public and private sectors.
In the first year of Industrial Engineering, there are basic courses of sciences like Maths, Physics and Chemistry. In the later years, there are such basic courses of industrial engineering as Operational Research, Statistics, Work Study, Ergonomics, Engineering Economy, Facility Planning, Manufacturing Methods and Planning and Inventory and Quality Control. Also, there is a project course on system design.
Click here for the eight-semester curriculum of the Department of Industrial Engineering.
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