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Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering spans four years and is completed in 8 semesters, based on passing the courses. Mechanical Engineering is largely based on mathematics and physics. It is basically a branch of engineering centred round heat science, fluid science, materials science, solid mechanics and mechanical design. It is intended to train its students about research-development activities, designs and productions of every sort of mechanical systems and energy recycling systems.

There is a need for mechanical engineers in almost every sector in our country. Among the working fields of mechanical engineers are design and production of machines, robot technology, automation, energy production, means of transportation (sea, air, land), industry, defence industry, petro-chemistry industry, iron-steel industry, textile industry, ceramic and glass industry, food industry, project design and liability services as well as educational services. Thanks to the advancements in computer technologies, micro electromagnetic systems, micro production, medical technologies and nanotechnology, new branches of specialization appear with a high potential under the title of mechanical engineering.
There are such basic courses as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geometry and Technical Drawing in the first year of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In the later years, there are theoretical and practical courses on the subjects of thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluids mechanics, mechanics, mechanical elements, mechanical design, nuclear energy and energy recycling systems.
Click here for the eight-semester curriculum of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
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