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Software Engineering

Nişantaşı University Software Engineering department has problem solving and research skills, equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge that can contribute to sectoral development, which has the scientific and cognitive infrastructure required to carry out information technologies development processes effectively and with a high success rate. was created to train specialist engineers who are prone to team work. The main goal of the Software Engineering Department is to design computer programs effectively by using theoretical and practical knowledge, to optimize software development processes, to solve daily and industrial problems by using data processing and data analysis techniques, and to adapt to rapid changes in software technologies, in particular and to give skills to students.

Students who graduated from the Software Engineering department; As a system analyst, system engineer, design engineer, web design and program specialist, information technology specialist, application programmer, they will have a wide range of jobs in various departments of almost every institution and organization; will be able to work as an application engineer in management, data management, computer-aided industrial design and implementation in the data processing centers of companies producing computer software. Software engineers who will graduate from the program will have modern knowledge in any industry branch of computer, system and computer networks, and will have the features to design projects at any scale in the software field, to implement these projects, to successfully perform testing and integration steps in our country. will be able to make important contributions to the educated human power heard. They can be employed as application staff or system engineers in organizations working on computer networks, and as application engineers in organizations producing defense industry and electronic devices. In addition, academics in universities, software specialists in companies and military organizations in the private sector, by establishing their own businesses at home or abroad, can undertake similar tasks to the above-mentioned professions.

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